Mar 05, 2013 at 08:20 PM

Sign of the Times

Since we began DVD Sales in 2010 we have avoided any price increases, but recent increases in mailing costs have forced us to increase our prices a little. We apologize and hope you understand.

Here - Throws Teaching Progressions

Our new DVD, Teaching Progressions for the Throwing Events, is now available. For years I've used some unique progressions to teach the throwing events from scratch, and many of you who have visited and seen them have been waiting for them on DVD. The progressions are done in complete detail and the same smooth and seamless fashion as our other SAC teaching progressions and locates strategic points in the progression to address all key technical points. Read more about it Here.

Boo Schexnayder's Interview with Carl Valle

New on our download page is Boo Schexnayder's Freelap 5 Interview with Carl Valle. It provides some interesting insights to resisted run training, core training, and several other topics. Click Here to read it.

Thanks for your patronage of SAC.

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